2014-15 Press Releases & Photos


Regional Science Fairs and SECME

On February 7, 2015 approximately 30 ACES students and science teacher Ms. Cohen participated in the Miami Dade Regional Science Fair, the CSUSA science fair, and the SECME banner competition. The students were very proud to share their work and represent ACES. They had the opportunity to compete against middle and high school students from schools throughout South Florida and they spoke about their projects with enthusiasm and a great deal of knowledge. It was a great experience for the students and their families.

Seventh grade Albert M was selected to move on to the State Science Fair competition! This is amazing as only 30 projects were selected from over 1000 entries from middle and high schools in Miami Dade. Albert was one of only 9 middle school students to make it to the next round of competition, and he is the second student in ACES history to be selected for the state fair. He will compete with students throughout the state in early April. Albert's project is called High Flying Muons and he wanted to see if muons (subatomic particles from cosmic rays) are more likely to be found at higher or lower elevations. He built a cloud chamber to detect the particles and he discovered that there were more muons on the 23rd floor of his building than the 1st floor, because these particles lose energy as they move from space to the surface of the Earth.


Club Programs

On January 9th, ACES kicked off our Friday club program. Clubs offer an opportunity for students to learn and explore new interests under the guidance of our staff. We are excited to announce the addition of new clubs this year including Disco Dancing, Poetry Club, Crazy Creators Club and Eagles Skits —  to name a few. Students will meet with their club every Friday and have the opportunity to learn more about their interest of choice.


Upstander Day

Upstander Day, January 13th, 2015

This year,  ACES is focused on cultivating community. Central to this initiative is an emphasis on providing ways in which students can feel empowered to make the best choices.

On January 13th,  ACES kicked off  its first “Upstander Day” where students learned how they can be an Upstander in their school community. Teachers presented grade level lessons that involved knowing the difference between being a BYSTANDER and being an UPSTANDER. Students shared personal experiences as well as discussed positive resolutions and strategies which may help them play active roles to ensure the elimination of peer mistreatment.

Students were enthusiastic throughout the day’s events and understood the positive message to unite in order to eliminate the exclusion of any of their peers. ACES is  proud to have had a successful “Upstander Day”, and with the efforts our families and community, we will make a difference.


Making Our Words Count

Words have enormous power and in a school setting, what we speak and write can uplift or tear down impressionable students.  As part of our 2014-2015 theme of Cultivating Community, ACES has incorporated the "Words Count" workshops to help students make smart choices when communicating with their peers.  The goal is to foster a culture of inclusion in-person and online.

Each session was brilliantly led by the "Words Count" Founders, Alejandra Cohen and Iliana Argy.  Their engaging presentations were supported by videos, group exercises and audience participation.  In keeping with their motto, the "Words Count" training did not focus on anti-bullying strategies but on prevention.  Words like target, upstander and help, quickly became the language cadence.  The phrase, "Think before you speak," was also given new meaning using a clever acronym:

T - Is it True?

H - Is it Helpful?

I - Is it Inspiring?

N - Is it Necessary?

K - Is it Kind?

Involvement was called upon by the adults who as teachers, staff and parents, are the models for cordial communication.  School staff attended the "Words Count" training as part of the pre-opening activities.  Parents participated in an evening session and each grade level attended age-appropriate workshops.
Our students walked away knowing:

- No one deserves to be bullied                                 

- They can tell the bully to stop

- They can tell an adult

- They can try something new

- They are not alone

- They can be positive and

- They can do something by becoming an upstander

To further enforce the message, our Eagles will participate in a t-shirt contest by creating a slogan to help each other feel better.  The entire school will wear the winning message as a "call to action".

The "Words Count" coaching demonstrates that there is power in numbers, and our entire school community will use its lessons to effect positive change throughout the year.  

For more information, visit www.thewordscount.com.


 ACES Family Delivers Help to Haiti

This past summer, former ACES student Sabrina D. and her mother Thanh hand delivered proceeds from the "Friends of Humanity" fundraiser to the House of Hope Orphanage in La Pointe, Haiti.  They, along with several mission members, provided aid to this town in the seemingly forgotten northwest region of the country.  
While they believed the journey would be rewarding, the impact was long-lasting and life-changing.  The area is described as absent of every basic necessity.  Many homes are made of sticks with sheets draped over them.  If there is a bright side to these bleak conditions, it is that the children living in the orphanage are better taken care of than those on the outside.  According to Mrs. Dillon, "It was incredible to see their smiles and spirit despite having so little. It was also an inspiration to witness their resilience and unconditional longing for love from all who came their way."

Thank you to all of the ACES families that donated books, volunteered to help and also purchased books to support this cause.

To learn how you can support the House of Hope Orphanage, please visit:www.friendsofhumanity4haiti.org/.


 A Showcase of ACES Talent

After months of preparation, the hard work of our student clubs finally paid off with an awe inspiring talent show at the AACC.  It wasn't just the costumes, the choreography and the creativity, but it was also the talent and tenacity that took center stage in this production.  There were 20 Acts and each captivated the audience for 3 straight shows. 

We thank all of their club sponsors for working with the students since January and we also thank the many volunteers. Special thanks go to Mrs. Bailey for coordinating all of the details.  

Act 1: "ACES Guitar Ensemble" by Mr. Lakofsky’s Guitar Class

Act 2: "Roar" by Ms. Claudia’s Dance Program  

Act 3: "I am Me" by Middle School Dance Class  

Act 4: "I’d Rather Be Dancing" by Ms. Claudia’s ADVANCED Dance

Act 5: "Rise and Shine" by Ms. Claudia’s Dance Program  

Act 6: "Pop Danthology" by Ms. Claudia’s Dance Program  

Act 7: "Veggies vs. Fruits" by Eagles Garden Club

Act 8: "South Pacific" by Middle School Drama Class

Act 9: "Animals" by Middle School Dance Class  

Act 10: "Middle Eastern Mix" by Ferdos Grill Middle Eastern Dance Club

Act 11: "First Grade Boot Scooters" by First Grade Square Dancers

Act 12: "Fantastic Foxes" by Baton Club

Act 13: "My Heart" by Contemporary Dance Club

Act 14: "Boom Boom Pow" performed by the Hip Hop Club

Act 15: "Radioactive" by Ace’itude

Act 16: "ACES Elementary Cheer" by Cheerleading Club

Act 17: "Applause" by Jazz Dance Club

Act 18: "Annie" by Middle School Drama Class

Act 19: "Take it on Faith" by Middle School Dance Class  

Act 20: "Line Dancing Divas" by Country Line Dancers Club