ACES Summer Bridge Learning Activities

Welcome to the ACES Summer Bridge.  Our goal is to be here to support our students as they transition from 2019-2020 to the 2020-2021 school year.

ACES Summer Bridge Learning Activities are available for all students

  • Activities are focused on independent practice in the grade your child recently completed.  
  • ‘Assigned activities’ are indicated for each week and ideally would be completed before the exploration of the other resources (K-5 assignments will always be on the ‘class’ whiteboard).
  • Fun exploration and enrichment activities are available (everything in the ‘classroom’ is clickable).
  • Students are able to join weekly and summer-long raffles (see slides for details).
  • Staff members will be available to answer questions and provide general guidance as needed.


We hope our families find the ACES Summer Bridge to be a seamless and useful way to continue an academic routine, close gaps in understanding and continue building a love for learning.

Access Summer Bridge Classrooms:

Each grade level’s Summer Bridge Learning Activities can be accessed using the links below. Within the Slides, you will find weekly assignments.  Almost every image in the ‘classroom’ is clickable, so feel free to explore! Remember, summer reading projects are linked within these slides.  

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