ACES Virtual Learning Homepage

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Welcome to the ACES Virtual Learning Homepage.  We will continue to update all information related to our temporary transition to virtual learning.  Our resources and processes will be under consistent review. This is new for all of us, and remaining calm is an important part of ensuring success at all levels. We are an ACES Family, and we will rise to the challenge and grow together.

Please review the ACES  Virtual Learning Guidance for Families (linked here) for details about the following:  ACES Virtual mission and vision, student work time guidance, assessments, attendance, communication, and student services.


Access Virtual Learning Content:

Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade Virtual Learning Slides:
Each grade level’s virtual learning slides can be accessed using the links below. If there are any questions or concerns about the content please reach out to your child’s teacher.  

Fourth, Fifth Grade, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Virtual Learning:
Students will be assigned content through Google Classroom.  Parents can sign-up for notifications from Google Classroom to keep track of their student’s assigned work by following the directions at the following link:

Given the amount of coordinate necessary for Middle School, the following documents were created to give families and students an overview of weekly expectations: