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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Today's education system is evolving to take full advantage of the potential of mobile technology devices to inspire learning and create independent, critical thinkers. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows students to bring their personal laptops, tablets, and smartphones from home and use them for educational applications in the classroom.


  • What is BYOD?
    Bring Your Own Device allows students to use their own technology at specified times during the day to enhance the learning experience. Examples of the types of technology which can be used are Windows laptops/tablets, Mac laptops, Android tablets, and iPads.
  • Will there be a permission form that needs to be signed before my child brings his or her own device to school?
    Yes. There will be a permission form that needs to be signed.  If you have any questions regarding the form, please contact ACES.
  • How will students be using devices as part of their academic work at school and home?
    Teachers will inform parents and students how they plan to integrate the utilization of devices into their teaching and learning environment in the classroom.
  • If a teacher is delivering a lesson that uses devices, will my child be at a disadvantage if he or she does not have one?
    No. For interactive lessons requiring a device, the school or District will provide a device.
  • How will administrators have the ability to revoke a student’s BYOD privilege?
    If a student is not following the developed guidelines for the use of his or her personally owned device, an administrator can revoke the privilege through the regular discipline process of three strikes and you’re out or immediately if the infraction warrants.  If the student’s BYOD privilege is removed, the student will continue to have network access by using a district computer device.