Cloud 9 Program

Cloud 9 world

What is the Cloud 9 Program? 

We are excited to kick off our new character education program, Cloud 9!
Each month

  • A new character trait will be introduced with a book and video at school.
  • Introduced trait will be reinforced through discussions and activities across the curriculum.
  • Fun activities will be suggested for families to participate and do together to foster the character trait. One volunteer hour will be honored.

Check out the Cloud 9 Parent Portal:
K-5 username: aventura-parent  /  password: c9wparent
6-8 username: aventurams-parent   / password: c9wparent    

Related Documents

Please see the documents below for more detailed information about what the program is and what you can expect this year.   

What are students learning?

  • January 2019 We kicked off 2019 with perseverance!
    Perseverance is being committed in your heart and persistent in your effort. You commit to your goals and overcome obstacles, no matter how long it takes. When the going gets rough and you figure out a wayto hang in there and reach your goals, you are showing perseverance.
  • November 2018
    This month's character trait is self-control.
    Self-control is when you are in charge of what you do and what you say. You use self-control to listen and follow directions. You keep calm and speak to other in a kind way at all times. Self-control helps you not do things that may be harmful to yourself and others. Self-control helps you stay safe, be successful, and create peace. 
  • October 2018
    This month, our students will learn all about compassion! 
    Compassion is understanding and caring when people is hurt or troubled, even if you don’t know the person. You forgive mistakes and you’re a good friend to people who need your friendship. when you want to help somebody, even if all you can do us listen and respond with kind words, you’re acting compassionately.