ESOL Program

What is ESOL?

ESOL stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages. This is the program we use to support our students who speak languages other than English. A child in our ESOL program is classified as an ELL, or English Language Learner. 

Who can I speak to regarding ESOL?

Mrs. Joy Manhart is our ESOL coordinator here at ACES. Mrs. Manhart has put together this ESOL Newsletter for the 2023-2024 school year. Please reference it whenever you have questions about ESOL. If your question or concern is not addressed in the newsletter, please reach out to Mrs. Manhart directly at

WIDA Can Do Descriptors

“WIDA provides language and development resources to those who support the academic success of multilingual learners.” WIDA has created amazing documents showing what ELLs can do at every age throughout their English learning journey. Please use the links below to access the documents to find out what your child can do right now!

ESOL Power Hour

Mrs. Manhart hosts an ESOL Power Hour every Wednesday morning from 7:30 - 8:30. This is an optional activity for our ELLs to come and play games with other English learners, as well as native English speakers. The goal is to strengthen our English speaking skills through conversation and play. No registration is required. Students must be ELLs or invited by Mrs. Manhart to attend the sessions.