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Volunteer Information

Getting involved in your child's school benefits everyone... including your child. According to the National PTA, children of involved parents generally achieve more with higher grades, greater motivation and better self esteem. Click HERE to read our Volunteer Newsletter.

  • Parents are required to volunteer 20 hours per year and 30 hours if they have two or more children at ACES.
  • Hours can be earned through Daily Help, Planned Events or Long Term and by attending monthly Parent Workshops offered during the year.
  • There are so many ways to help with fundraisers, events & special projects.


Sign Up Online to be a Volunteer

Signing up is easy. Click the image below and sign up at signup.com.

Free SignUp sheets and volunteer scheduling

Charter Schools USA Online Training Modules

Before registering, please download the parent letter and registration instructions.Charter Schools USA requires completion of three (3) online training modules in order to volunteer at ACES. This certification can be used to voluneer at ACES or any Charter Schools USA campus.

Registration link: https://charterschoolsusa-chartersafe.safeschools.com/register

How to Submit Volunteer Hours

Pick up and fill out a form and get the form signed by an authorized ACES staff member. To receive credit for the hours you serve, you will be required to:

  • Turn in the white copy(signed) at the school front desk.
  • Retain the yellow copy for your records as it will serve as proof of the volunteer hours served.
  • There will be a sign-in sheet at the front door at most school wide events.  It is your responsibility to sign-in at the school wide event and turn in the completed, signed volunteer form as mentioned above.

Ways to Volunteer

Daily volunteer help is needed; Tasks include, but may not be limited to: general office help, data entry, provide event or other related information to the Communications Office and event leaders, assist with weekly events(assist event attendees, event set-up).

Upcoming planned events require various tasks to be completed including decorating, marketing and selling tickets.

Potential future events require extensive planning. Volunteers are needed to contribute ideas, chair an event committee and/or identify sponsors.

Long term planning volunteers assist with the following season of events. For example fall events are pre-planned in the spring.