Miami Dade County Public School students

Code of Conduct

The primary objective of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is to enhance each student's potential for learning and to foster positive interpersonal relationships. M-DCPS supports the concept that students who possess personal, academic, civic and occupational adequacies will become effective and productive citizens. Students must develop and accept the responsibilities and obligations of citizenship. The Code of Student Conduct helps students take control of their own learning and their ability to positively alter outcomes by employing appropriate personal choices and skills.

The Code of Student Conduct is the District’s policy that creates a safe learning environment to ensure academic success. If this objective is to be accomplished, it is necessary that the school environment be a safe and supportive community. The “re-culturing” of the school to a positive school climate not only supports academic achievement and promotes fairness, civility, acceptance of diversity, and mutual respect.

To enhance its effectiveness, this document addresses not only the role of the parents, the students, and school, but also core values and model student behavior, rights and responsibilities of students, procedures for using corrective strategies, including suspension and expulsion. The District promotes the following beliefs:

  • All students are valuable and can make worthy contributions to society.
  • All students are responsible and accountable for their choices and decisions.
  • In order to grow and thrive, individuals need caring relationships and a nurturing environment.
  • Supportive family relationships are the foundation of the community.
  • High expectations lead to higher performance that empower individuals and strengthen society.
  • Continuous learning is a lifelong process that is essential to a productive and enriched life.

Students, parents, and school employees are encouraged to read the Code of Student Conduct and become familiar with its content. Related School Board Rules may be found on the Miami-Dade Public Schools Website at: Included within the School Board Rules is the District manual entitled Procedures for Promoting and Maintaining a Safe Learning Environment, which administrators utilize to implement the Code of Student Conduct.