ACES RTI Program

At ACES, we provide RTI and academic support for students in grades K-8 who need more support to reach grade-level standards. 

Students in grades K-5 receive intervention in English Language Arts and Reading. We focus on the six foundational reading skills including phonics, decoding, word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Instruction and intervention are delivered to students in varying intensities based on individual students' needs. More information about the K-5 ELA RTI program can be found on the ELA RTI Website linked below. We also encourage you to view the ACES Read at Home Plan to support student reading success at home.

Students in grades 6-8 receive interventions in English Language Arts and Reading. The majority of Middle School interventions focus on vocabulary and comprehension; however, interventions will meet the needs of students at their individual levels of reading development. Interventions are delivered by a reading interventionist 2-3 times a week during students’ elective period.